Micro Control Company to Resume Manufacturing Operations

Dear Customers of Micro Control Company,

As you are aware, in order to slow the community spread of COVID-19, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz issued Emergency Executive Order 20-20 entitled “Directing Minnesotans to Stay Home,” which went into effect on March 27, 2020. Governor Walz’s Order directed all persons currently living within the State of Minnesota to stay at home or in their place of residence except to engage in certain exempted activities or to engage in “Critical Sector” work as defined by the Order. 

Out of an abundance of caution, Micro Control Company chose to pause our operations until a full determination could be made that our operations are indeed classified as Critical Sector work under the Order. Based on careful review of the Order and applicable guidance, we are now confident that Micro Control Company’s operations are exempt from shutdown and we will return to work effective April 6, 2020.

Micro Control Company will move forward and reopen operations on Monday, April 6th, however in compliance with Governor Walz’s Order all workers who can work from home will do so. Only critical sector workers whose work duties cannot be done at their homes or residences will be able to report to their place of work.

While we know these are anxious times, we want you to know that we are happy to be able to resume operations. Thank you for your continued support as we traverse this challenge. We hope everyone remains healthy and safe.


Steve Breimhurst
Chief Executive Officer