Why Micro Control Company?


Micro Control Company is the test with burn-in expert. Devices that successfully complete a burn-in cycle in a Micro Control burn-in with test system are proving significantly more reliable for long-term use. 

Micro Control Company’s burn-in systems increase device reliability by applying electronic stimulation to the devices under test during the burn-in cycle. Stressing the devices during burn-in causes devices that are going to fail, to fail early. By monitoring the devices as they are being stressed, the failing devices are detected and eliminated from the lot. The failure rate of devices is referred to as the infant mortality rate.

Higher power semiconductor devices create even more complicated challenges for the burn-in process. Micro Control Company has met these challenges and applied its burn-in experience through a process referred to as active thermal control. 

The active thermal control method developed and patented by Micro Control Company is the way the temperature of each high-power device is individually controlled during the burn-in cycle. Individual temperature control ensures that the high-power devices that would become too hot during the process will not be allowed to become so hot that they are damaged. And, devices that are not heating up enough to be adequately burned in will be stimulated to achieve the optimum temperature for stressing.

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Industry First

Micro Control Company prides itself with leading the industry in providing unique solutions to test and burn-in-with-test challenges. Over the years, Micro Control Company has been the first to bring these innovative designs to market, carving a niche for itself as the test…with burn-in company.

Micro Control Company
Micro Control Company offers solutions for high-power burn-in test applications requiring individual temperature control and logic/memory burn-in test applications for lower power devices.
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Discover Our History

  • First microprocessor-controlled test system.

  • First single-range programmable clock edges.

  • First memory burn-in test system with algorithmic pattern generation.

  • First system able to test for alpha particle sensitivity.

  • First large-scale 10-MHz memory burn-in test system (6912 devices).

  • First parallel memory burn-in test system (1728 devices tested simultaneously).

  • First 15-MHz environmental test system.

  • First 256-pin I/O burn-in test system for VLSI devices.

  • First logic burn-in system using ASIC technology.

  • First burn-in system using weighted random patterns.

  • First memory burn-in and test systems using ASICs.

  • First large-scale high-power burn-in system.

  • First massively parallel memory test system used in manufacturing for batch testing.

  • First 200 MHz memory test system.

  • First burn-in with test system for 200-watt devices with individual temperature control provided to each device.

  • First air-cooled burn-in with test system for 75-watt devices with individual temperature control for each device.

  • First burn-in with test system capable of full testing of logic and memory devices.

  • First burn-in with test system for 600-watt devices with individual temperature control.

  • First air-cooled burn-in with test system for 150-watt devices with individual temperature control for each device and an individual pattern zone per burn-in board.

  • First low cost burn-in system with individual temperature control.

  • 125 Amp regulators

  • HPB-4 High-Force trays

  • +- 150 Volt regulators

  • 1,000 Volt LC2 applications

+ -