The Industry Standard for Burn-In of High Power Circuits

The HPB-5C+ Burn-In with Test System meets the challenges created by wide variation in heat dissipation, and the diverse burn-in needs high-power VLSI devices. The active thermal control feature provided by the HPB-5C+ ensures that the proper thermal stress is applied to each device during the burn-in cycle.


The Clear Choice for High-Power Device Burn-In


  • Individual temperature control for each device up to 150 W
  • Variable oven overflow control
  • Individual pattern zone per burn-in board slot
  • 32M vector memory standard, 64M optional
  • Tests devices at a temperature of up to 150°C
  • Up to 800 MHz clock rate
  • 128 digital I/O channels per burn-in board
  • System capacity of 384 devices under test with individual temperature control per device
  • 16 programmable voltage regulators with 1080 amps of device under test power per burn-in board
  • 8 high-current supplies
    • (0-4 volts at up to 125 amps each)
  • 8 low-current supplies
    • (0-6 volts at up to 10 amps each)


  • Testing capabilities for high-power devices
  • Ensures proper thermal stress for each device
  • Measures device temperature more accurately
  • Testing is more cost-effective due to greater system capacity resulting in higher throughputs
  • Exercise and test high pin count devices or more parts in parallel
  • Run large numbers of test vectors without time-consuming reloads
  • Up to 16 different pattern zones with one burn-in board per zone
  • Up to 2000 Watts of device under test power available per slot
  • Translate and run device test programs
  • Clock devices with built-in self-test (BIST) at high speed
  • Flexibility to test complex devices
  • Stores failure information without slowing down the test
  • Test both logic and memory functions
  • Flexible system protection control for more detailed reports of failure

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