Ultra High-Power Burn-In with Test System

The only advanced, high-performance burn-in system capable of performing dynamic burn-in with test on 1000-watt devices.  The HPB-6 High-Power Burn-In with Test system is ideally suited for production screening, engineering characterization, and lifetime testing applications of logic devices and multi-die packages.



Meeting the Challenge of High-Power Device Burn-In


  • Handle devices up to 1000 watts
  • Water-cooled, high-force sockets for individual temperature control per device
  • 16 independent burn-in board slots
  • 24 high-power individually programable power supplies (250 W, 175 A, 0.3V to 1.8V) per board
  • 24 low-power individually programable power supplies (60 W, 15 A, 0.3V to 4.0V) per board
  • 64M standard and 128M optional parallel vector depth – subroutine capable
  • 8G scan vector depth
  • 128 formatted vector I/O channels plus 128 vector output-only channels
  • 100 MHz fast scan mode rep-rate on 16 dedicated channels
  • 8 programmable high-frequency clocks, up to 350 MHz – LVDS to the BiB
  • Standalone chiller for easy maintenance


  • High number of regulated power supplies for isolating circuits inside the DUT
  • Highest DUT power available for burn-in
  • Device temperature is maintained throughout test ensuring accurate readings
  • Ensures proper thermal stress for each device
  • Exercise and test high pin count devices or more parts in parallel
  • High current regulators to supply required power to DUTs
  • Translate and run device test programs
  • Multiple clocks available for self-test
  • Test both logic and memory functions
  • Run large numbers of test vectors without time-consuming reloads

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