• Large system capacity – 64 burn-in boards
  • Individual temperature control up to 50 watts, compatible with many BiB sizes
  • 128 or 256 digital I/O channels per burn-in board
  • 5 individually programmable power supplies (up to
    400 watts and 248 amps) per burn-in board
  • Up to 150 Volt power supply outputs
  • Up to 32 pattern and power zones
  • Total flexibility up to 8M vector memory depth with scan capability per BiB

Micro Control Company
Micro Control Company offers solutions for high-power burn-in test applications requiring individual temperature control and logic/memory burn-in test applications for lower power devices.
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Minneapolis, MN
Phone: 1-800-328-9923


  • Ensures proper thermal stress for up to 50W DUTs
  • Enables high-volume production burn-in at the same time
  • Allows use of existing burn-in boards
  • Burn-in multiple device types at the same time
  • Exercise and test more devices in parallel
  • Stress at optimum temperature
  • Programming flexibility
  • Test both logic and memory functions
  • Run test vectors without time consuming reloads
  • Flexible DUT power