End of support for ABES series systems

As of 02/14/2018 the ABES series systems will no longer be supported by Micro Control Company. Please visit our systems page for information about our current line of burn-in with test systems. For more information please click here.

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Customers in need of customized but cost-effective printed-circuit-board (PCB) solutions can find them at Micro Control Company, a versatile provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) that can meet a wide range of customer requirements. The firm employs the latest electronic manufacturing technology on its assembly floor to achieve different component configurations and meet the needs of modern design engineers. The privately held business was founded in 1972 to provide manufacturing test and burn-in equipment for some of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers. The company expanded into EMS in 1994, becoming a high-mix, low-and-medium-volume manufacturer of … Read More