• 768 I/O
  • Burn-In board logic testing
  • RS-232 communication system with programmable baud rate of 38,400.
  • Optional custom test head modules are available for unique testing needs.
  • Highly accurate measurement of resistance, voltage, and capacitance using a pair of precision instrumentation amplifiers.
  • Large measurement range: 1 Ohm to 900 kilo-ohms, -10.0 volts to +10.0 volts, and 80 picofarads to 5000 microfarads.

Micro Control Company
Micro Control Company offers solutions for high-power burn-in test applications requiring individual temperature control and logic/memory burn-in test applications for lower power devices.
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Minneapolis, MN
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  • Tests forward and reverse diode drops
  • Optional voltage follower probe from constant current source output
  • Optional foot switch or keyboard control to begin next test when testing burn-in boards with multiple sockets.
  • Software control of all test parameters using easily edited control files
  • Compatible with any PC running the MS Windows 2000/XP operating system.
  • Diagnostics for system verification and problem isolation