LC-2 Automation

The next-gen automation system

The next-generation LC-2 Automation system is ideally suited for applications in engineering characterization, life testing, and commercial production burn-in. Our new LC-2 Automation system has the flexibility to operate in two modes; fully automated and manual.

LC-2 Automation

The Next Generation in Burn-in Systems


  • Machine can operate in two modes:
    • Fully automated
    • Manual operation
  • Automated sliding door
  • BIB rack positioning system
  • Automated BIB seating and ejection
  • Standard safety circuit features include:
    • Light curtains
    • Door bumpers
    • Positional sensors


  • System can be operated in either mode as customer needs dictate
  • Fully automated mode allows for minimal operator interaction
  • Touch sensors cut power to door if triggered
  • Light curtain prevents operation if interference is detected
  • Mechanical arms running length of chamber ensure proper position of BIB rack in oven
  • Individual hooks seat and eject each respective BIB
  • Sensors prevent BIB loading if arms are not in the correct setting or if BIB is misaligned
  • Testing capabilities for high-power devices
  • Ensures proper thermal stress for each device
  • Testing is more cost-effective due to greater system capacity resulting in higher throughputs
  • Flexibility to test complex devices

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